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"Everything was easy to set up and get up and running."Mike Nola, Joe Jackson Virtual Hall Of Fame Apparel Store

Who Needs A Store?

From the church raising funds to the small restaurant wanting to create standard employee uniforms, every organization with a supportive audience and an ongoing need for logo merchandise can utilize one!
That means you!

The QB online store is for anyone who has a large group of people needing apparel with one logo. Perks:

  • No minimum orders
  • No inventory cost or fulfillment fees
  • Individual shipping locations
  • Top Notch Customer Service Team
  • Brand Control over your logo
  • Option to make a profit on items sold
  • Automated Marketing tools to boost sales and store awareness

What Can I Sell?

We have over 300 apparel items, bags, hats, and more for you to sell and we add more all the time. You choose the items you want to sell, the colors of each item, and any decorations permitted for each item! Here's a small sample:


What Is My Profit Potential?

Use our simple calculator below to find out how much you can make / raise simply by creating a store and telling people about it!

Your Potential Profit:

Store Questions

What are the most commonly asked questions about our stores? Here are your answers.

  • Why do I want a QB Online Store?
    Do you have an active organization of 50+ whose members would like or need to purchase logo apparel to show their affiliation with the organization? Need to ensure your "brand" is portrayed with custom color and product settings? Need members to make individual purchases from your retail store? Have a business, team, charity, or an event with an audience with a desire to purchase your logo apparel? Get rid of the paperwork, stop collecting funds, and create your QB Online Store with us.
  • What does it cost?
    A one-time of fee of $150 is required. This is for logo services, and the creation of your store.
  • Do I have to pay setup fees for new logos uploaded to my Queensboro.com account?
    If you are a new customer placing your initial order, we will set up your embroidered logo for free (if it is a standard logo requiring less than 11,000 stitches).

    If your logo is ordered for digitally printed apparel, there will be no logo fees if the file type and resolution meets our guidelines.

    If you are an existing customer with an order history, you may add new logos to your Design Studio and place an order to initiate logo setup. Set up fees will apply for each embroidered logo ordered after your initial one has been created.
  • Will the logos on my Queensboro.com account be in the store?
    All logos that are ready to use at Queensboro.com will show up on the administrator's page. A Logo will become visible to customers once you have paired a style to the logo. If there are no products attached to the logo, your customers will not be able to see the logo.

    If you have logos on your Queensboro account that you have not previously used on an order you will need to place an order with those logos before they can be made available in your store.
  • How can I upload Logos to my QB Online Store?
    All logos must be uploaded to your Queensboro account. It is not available until you have placed one order through Queensboro.com with the new logo. We do this so you can view the logo and make sure it meets your expectations before adding it for sale to your customer base. Once you have approved the design proof and the order is processed, it will then be available on your QB Online Store. To upload an image:
    1. Visit Queensboro.com
    2. Log into your account
    3. Click on Design Studio->Logo Upload on the blue menu bar.
    4. Upload your image into the Logo Studio
    5. Place an order using the logo.
  • Can my customers upload logos on my QB Online Store?
    No, the only logos on your site are the logos you (The Administrator) submit and approve via your Queensboro.com account.
  • Can QB Online Store customers choose embroidered logo colors?
    No, only the QBOS Administrator controls logo colors for embroidered apparel.
  • Can I make printed apparel available for sale in my QB Online Store?
    Yes, we offer grey and white shirts for digital print. We limit the colors to grey and white so the pretreatment is eliminated and the quality of the logo is best represented.
  • Can I offer promotional items without having my customers order by a minimum quantity?
    Hard/Promotional items (Pens, Mugs, Key Chains) are printed in bulk quantities; You can pre-order the merchandise and we will hold promotional items at our facility. Contact a QBOS Manager for more details.
  • If Queensboro.com does not offer a specific item, can I request for it to be added to my store?
    Yes, special items are added upon request!
  • How much can I mark up my items and in what increments?
    The markup can be done by a percentage point or a dollar amount. You will have the ability to mark up all items with the same increment or to price each item individually
  • How will my profits be paid out?
    Payments will be remitted on a monthly basis for pay all accounts in excess of $50.00 outstanding as of the month ending date. For balancesbelow $50.00 at the month ending date, the amount of the balance will not be paid, but will accrue to your Account until balance is met.

    Queensboro will make a payment by check or other means deemed appropriate for the amount of such compensation no later than 60 days after the end of the month.
  • Will the QB Online Stores get the same sales and promotions as Queensboro.com?
    The QB Online Store is retail pricing and will not have the sales and promotions available on Queensboro.com.

    There are specific coupon promotions available for QB Online Stores.

    The coupon codes are displayed on the Welcome page and are provided via email to each Store's Administrator. To increase sales, we suggest QBOS Admins send out their store promotions using social media and email lists. Let us know and we can do this for you!
  • Will my QB Online Store customers be emailed promotions?
    Your customers won’t receive emails from Queensboro unless they have registered specifically with Queensboro. When your new customers log into your site, they have an opportunity to opt in for your online store promotions. This will be used in the future for QB Online Store promotions we offer.
  • Why can't I add hats and/or fleece items to my QB Online Store?
    Hats and fleece both have different logo requirements and need to be set up separately for embroidery. Once these logos are set up and are ready to use you will be able to make these products available to your customers. Please contact us for a review of your account's logo options.
  • Need a tutorial?
    We have several videos here.
  • How are the QB Online Stores managed?
    The stores are hosted by Queensboro Shirt Company (Queensboro.com). With over 30 years in the custom logo apparel business. To get you started, storefronts are set up focusing on your business and brand. As the Store Front Administrator, you control: pricing, products logos offered, and many site functions to make the shopping experience themed to your brand. Queensboro takes care of all order processing, customer service and fulfillment.
  • Can I learn a little more on the background of QB Online Stores?

    QB Online stores is a division of Queensboro.com, a 30 year old marketer of custom logo apparel and other promotional products.

    Queensboro.com started out life in 1982 in New York City as The Queensboro Shirt Company. In its early days, Queensboro just sold custom embroidered polo shirts (two colors, three sizes) to small and medium sized business through small ads in the back of magazines and newspapers such as The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal and many of the airline in-flight magazines.

    I started Queensboro, which I still own and run, as a college student at Columbia University in New York. At the time, I was fascinated and just kind of blown away by the intense popularity of the Lacoste Alligator and Ralph Lauren "Man on the Horse" logo polos.

    Wouldn't it be great, I thought, if a person could get the same quality shirt as the original French Lacoste polo, but with any logo or design a person wanted on it?

    Thus, as a fledgling notion in my college dorm room, The Queensboro Shirt Company was born. And for the first time ever, a small business, group or organization could get a great quality polo, custom embroidered with any logo or design they wanted, all at a great price with a Ten Year Unconditional Guarantee.

    Over the next few years, as I went on to Business School and the company grew, Queensboro's product line expanded to include a full line of apparel, and Queensboro produced the first ever custom logo apparel catalog. In 1995 Queensboro moved from New York to Wilmington, North Carolina, and in 1997 we launched the industry's first fully interactive web site selling custom logo apparel. Today, Queensboro operates out of an 80,000 square foot facility in Wilmington, employees over 100 people, and we sell over one million shirts and other custom embroidered and other printed promotional products a year.

    QB Online Stores is born...

    Over the years, our customers have asked us about setting up online stores to sell and distribute their logo merchandise. In 2007 we started a pilot development on this project but technology challenges limited the functionality. We kept working on it, however, and in the fall of 2010 we launched MyCustomEStore.com, an easy to use platform that allowed us to create custom online stores for our customers, make-on-demand all merchandise ordered for as little as a single piece ordered, as well as allowing our customers to have complete control of all merchandise offered as well as the individual profit margins on each product, with Queensboro taking care of all order processing, customer service and fulfillment.

    As we started to set up these stores, it became clear that our customers had a wide variety of needs for this service. Some were happy with the very basic single store front, but others needed things as advanced as having several hundred distinct sites with some degree of individual control, but all linked and managed by a single corporate parent. Due to this growing complexity, we re-thought our original concept and in the spring of 2012 launched QB Online Stores offering three tiers of stores: Basic - our simple, free, MyCustomEStore.com original solution, Enhanced - our Basic solution with a few extra bells and whistles, and Premium - which offers a completely custom solution (which we have yet to get a request for that we couldn't accommodate)!

    To date QB Online Stores has set up over 3,700 stores and we sign up many new online storefront customers every day. Since 1982 we have sold well over 10 Million shirts. However, our primary goal that we pursued when we sold our first shirt in 1982 has not changed. Our number one priority at both Queensboro.com and QB Online stores is to make every customer, big or small, feel like our most important customer, and to sell great quality products at great prices in a manner that helps brighten the day for anyone we work with.

    Thanks for your time and your interest in QB Online Stores. Please let us know if you have any questions. We hope to work with you for many years to come.

    Best personal regards,

    Fred Meyers, Founder
    QB Online Stores
    13th & Mars

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What Does It Cost?



$ 150 Set Up Fee

You pay a one-time fee of $150. This fee includes logo services, store creation and customization.

No Inventory Purchase Requirements

No Order Processing Charges

No Order Fullfillment Charges

Over 300 Products To Choose From

Custom Landing Page

Advanced Marketing Tools For Sales Tracking

Email marketing Support

QBOS is host to over 8,000 online stores and we've awarded hundreds of thousands in payments. Our store program is cutting edge. Let it work for you!


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